About us

We are WizLynk

Business Technology Re-Defined

Wizlynk is a software development company, focused on providing solutions to business owners. We create software to make systems and processes easier and more secure. The digital technology industry is growing everyday and Wizlynk is facilitating solutions to make those operating experiences more flexible and interconnected.

Digital technology has many different configurations, which sometimes can be very frustrating for consumers. We feel that some merchants would like to offer more options but the systems or protocols are just too much to maintain. There are companies that have tried to provide digital options to keep reporting data in sync but have proven to be costly and labor intensive to the merchants.

We believe that Wizlynk is well positioned to bring efficient solutions to the rapidly growing digital technology industry. Wizlynk is a media technology pioneer that has tremendous capabilities to capitalize on the current market opportunity.

“Our company helps businesses promote their brands, capture accurate data and provides them with the tools for better customer acquisition. In this complex world businesses struggle to run their day-to-day operations in an effective manner. Our mission is to create simple digital systems to help owners manage their businesses more efficiently.”

One more thing

Wizlynk has nationwide capabilities and our team brings over 78 years of combined experience providing strategies and tools for all types of business industries.

With so many Digital technology companies in use at the moment and growing everyday the industry has a vast amount of projected growth on the horizon, but there has to be a method that can support at least the most popular and efficient solutions. Wizlynk is one of the media technology pioneers that has a tremendous ceiling and potential, but as of yet, even with these great tools available many companies have failed to provide and show its real advantages to consumers and merchants alike.
This is where Wizlynk capitalizes on the market opportunity.